Why Study in Germany?

47 top ranked Universities (The QS World University Rankings, 2018), more than 400 higher education institutes, research infrastructure, teaching methodology, career prospect, refreshing culture and warm welcoming people, made Germany one of the best destinations for the International student. German Education System offers fundamental, innovative and international programs along with work discipline-meeting international standards. Thus, the number of international students coming to study in this country is ever-rising. Almost every University in Germany has incorporated in its curricula an International study program where lecturers from all around the world come to share their expertise, mainly in English language as an international language.

1. Truly International Degrees: There are many universities around the world, who offer top quality education in various fields but German universities offer more! They have a quite good network with universities all over the world. Every year thousands of students, enjoy the opportunity to spend some time in a different country, studying and living. This is a lifetime opportunity to experience new culture, expand your own network across the world. In addition, the degree you get is more than a German degree, as it is enriched by other universities around the world as well.

2. No tuition fees: German is one of the very few nations who offer free tuition at university level to not only the local students but also to the foreign students without negotiating with the standard. Such free but qualitative education prides on building experts and professionals for the global market.

At the public Universities, students are required to pay only the semester fees, which will facilitate students to get free access to public transportation within the region.

However, the private universities charge tuition fees, which may vary depending on the field of study, institution and location.

3. Fantastic student Life: Living in Germany is interesting and easy. Most people speak English, and the quality of life is very high, even on a student budget! Public transport is extremely efficient, and the country’s rich cultural history provides an endless variety of things to do.

4. Work Opportunities: As a full-time international student in Germany, you can work for up to 120 full-days per year or 240 half-days per year. The wages may vary from €5 to €15 which may sum up €450 to €600 per month. The wages and opportunity largely depend on location, language efficiency and experience.

5. Bringing your family with you: As an international student, you can bring your family with you, during your studies.But your spouse will have to demonstrate that he / she knows the basic German at the time while applying for visa.

6. Become a Permanent Resident: After graduation if any student wishes to find their career in Germany then they will have to apply to extend their residence permit for up to 18 months to find job relevant to their studies. If any student can find a job offers even for a part time job, the competent authority will issue a Residence Permit. After two years of residence permit issuance, you may get the Permanent Residence Card enabling you to stay work and live in German permanently.

7. Travel Europe on a student visa: Non-European citizens need to apply for student visa in order to study and live in Germany. Once you get the visa and arrive in Germany, you need to apply for residence permit be able to live and move around the country. The residence permit will also allow you to travel the whole Schengen area without further visa, which round up for a wonderful opportunity to visit the countries you are interested during your vacations.

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