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Everyone is a Christopher Columbus at the age of 18!!

As soon as students complete Higher Secondary Schools, a whole lot of opportunities and options approach toward them, where they can choose from and at this point, they become excited, confused and sometimes get frightened. Leaving confusions and fear behind, most of the students prefer excitement to explore their potentialities, broaden their horizons and experience something new. Therefore, many students opt to study abroad. However, student wishing to study abroad should consider the following maters before finalizing any decision concerned to study abroad.

Choosing the intake: There are two primary intakes in most of the universities in abroad namely ‘Fall’ starting from September and ‘Winter’ starting from January. Very few institutes offer ‘Spring’ intake starting from May. Out of three mentioned intakes, ‘Fall’ is considered as Major intake. Evaluating all the procedures, we suggest any prospective students to start planning and prepare his studies in abroad at least one year earlier to the course start date.

Choosing right course: Choosing the right course is the most important issue to be considered for higher studies either in home country or in abroad. Preferred field of study, Length of the course, Tuition Fees, Impact on future and many other factors are to be considered at the time of choosing course. Above all the factors mentioned, we suggest a student to consider the field of study the most and the impact of the credentials he or she may gain from the course in future.

Choosing the right University: In addition to ranking and statistics, an international student should also consider tuition, fees, payment strategies, housing, scholarships, learning resources and above all outcome while choosing a University in abroad. 

Choosing the Country: Many factors may define your experience in higher studies, especially in abroad and one of the most important factors is the environment around you, which may include weather, living cost, access to public transport, recreational and cultural activities as well as earning opportunities (if you consider to work part time during your studies to aid your finance and experience work environment).

Besides, think about the community around and within the institute. Look at the community as an opportunity to learn about yourself, which is also important beside your course. Whether, you find your community in your residence hall, in the stands of a sporting event, in a late-night study group, or even just meeting people who’ve had different experiences growing up, your community will give you a chance to bring something new in you.

Proper Documentation: Students are required to submit various documents in or to get admission to higher institutes in abroad as well as to get visa. Every university or immigration authority of every country has own strategy and policy. In most of the cases, the competent authorities publish their document checklist in their websites. We strongly suggest students to do some research on admission and visa procedures and arrange necessary documents.

Prepare yourself: Once you have done proper research on your higher studies in abroad, you should prepare yourself in order to meet the admission requirement as well as adopt with the new community you may experience in abroad. We would suggest any student to learn the basic of the native language, even if you have already enrolled in a course, which would be instructed in other than native language. It is better to get language proficiency test result even if it is not necessary to get enrolled in a course. Proficiency in native language is very helpful to obtain visa.

Warning: Please do not apply for student visa if you or your family is not in a position to support your studies for the whole duration. You may earn while you study, in some countries but it will not be enough to support all your expenses. If, you are not able to get financial support from your family then it is better to search scholarship or chose a destination where tuition fee and living cost are low.


Do not submit any false documents with your visa application or your admission application. Such instance may cause you permanent ban for further application to that country.

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