Step-By-Step Guide to Study in Germany:

1. Find a suitable study program: Students must have a clear vision about intended study program in Germany. Fortunately, German universities have a wide range of study programs and chances are wide enough to match exactly to your desires.

German university websites provide necessary information about the study courses they offer along with their curriculums.

2. Check out the requirements: Once you have found your study program, you must review the requirements carefully and organize the documents properly. Submitting a university application is often a one-shot opportunity and if you miss a single document you’ll be rejected straight away.

3. Apply for Admission: Once, you have collected all the required documents, you are set to submit your application online. Students can apply directly to the universities or apply through Uni-assist, ( a centralized admissions portal for international students, run by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Whatever path you choose, you are strictly advised to read the instructions in the forms carefully and fill every field of the form. If anything is not applicable then answer N/A but don’t leave any blank field.

In general, students are advised to apply within 15th July for Winter intake and within 15th January for Summer intake.

4. Find financial resources to fund your studies: As a foreign student, you need to have sufficient fund to cover your expenses during your studies in Germany. Proof of financial resources is one of the most important requirements for student visa application. Besides, some university may request proof of funds as an additional document.

Under the current German regulations, foreign students must have access to at least €720 per month or around €8,640 per year to study in Germany.

One of the few ways to prove the financial ability to study in Germany is to have at least €8,640 in a Blocked Account which is a special type of bank account in Germany created for international students, so they can prove they have the financial resources to live in Germany for one year during their student visa application. Learn more about Blocked Account from here.

5. Health insurance: Health insurance is mandatory for everyone residing in Germany, including foreign students. Similar to showing your financial resources you need to get health insurance in order to settle in Germany and attend university.

You can get one of the following types of health insurance in Germany:

  • Public Health Insurance: Monthly premium for a Public Health Insurance (GKV) ranges from €70 to €80 (depending on its provider)
  • Private Health Insurance: Private Health Insurance (PKV) is upon your choice and the monthly premium changes according to what medical needs you want your health insurance to cover.

6. Apply for Visa: Students should apply for a National Visa for the purpose of study. Students are advised to apply for student visa as soon as possible (at least three months before your move to the country).

Authority may ask for additional documents such as police clearance.

As well as your student visa, you will also need to apply for a residence permit on arrival.

7. Find Accommodation in Germany: Accommodation is the first challenge you will have handle once you arrive in Germany. It is better to start investigating on accommodation as a foreign student in Germany before move to the country. 

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