Notes & Tips

Important Notes for Australian Visa applicant and/or Holder:

  • Officer at the embassy may seek additional documents.
  • Be cautious about your passport validity- it should be valid for your entire period of stay.
  • Remember, incomplete visa application can be refused.
  • Do not attach your photographs to the visa application form
  • Applicant will be rejected if he/she is considered to be risky for Australia.
  • In case of visa application refusal, Embassy will inform main reasons to the applicant.
  • Your trip to Australia should be scheduled early enough to enroll in university.
  • Immigration officer at the Australian airport may ask for original documents.
  • The embassy will keep the passport during the entire process of visa proceeding
  • Visa appointments should be made only through the online system (not by phone, e-mail, fax or in person)
  • Visa Fee will not be reimbursed in case of visa refusal

Helpful Tips:

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