Visa Information

Documents required for Visa Application:

  1. Identity: A copy of your passport. Also include a certified copy of your birth certificate, national identity card or driving license (if applicable).
  2. Confirmation of Enrolment(CoE) for all intended courses.
  3. Evidence of accommodation and welfare arrangements in Australia if you are under 18 years of age
  • Form 157N - Nomination of a student guardian in Australia:
  • Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare letter from the student’s education provider.
  1. Health insurance
  • ​Evidence of adequate health insurance. Health insurance must be Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • You must obtain OSHC for yourself and any accompanying dependants from at least one week before your course starts and for the duration of your stay in Australia.
  • If you or your agent have organized OSHC, you will need to include the name of your health insurance provider, the dates your policy starts and finishes and the policy number in your application form.
  • If your education provider arranged your OSHC, you will need to include the name of your health insurance provider and the dates your policy starts and finishes. You do not need to include the policy number in your application.
  1. Evidence of financial ​capacity: You must provide either:
  • sufficient funds to cover your travel costs and 12 months of living and tuition fees for you and your accompanying family members and school costs for any school aged dependants, For details click here; or
  • evidence that your spouse or parents are willing to support you and they have an annual income of at least AUD 60,000 for single students or at least AUD 70,000 for students that are accompanied by family members. For details click here
  • Genuine access to funds. For details click here
  1. Evidence of English language ability​

This must be evidence that you have either obtained a satisfactory test score in an approved English language test or evidence of certain eligible studies in English or if you fall into an exemption category. For details (click here )

  1. Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement​

Evidence to show that you meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement for a student visa. This must include a statement in your application form that you intend to stay in Australia temporarily and/or documentation to support claims. The statement must be written by the applicant even if using an agent.

You can include evidence such as:

  • Proof of employment – your current or most recent employment which includes pay-slips or a contract. You can also attach your most recent curriculum vitae or résumé. Your curriculum vitae or résumé should include employment and educational history.
  • Qualifications - a certified copy of your academic transcripts, Educational Certificate (Degree, Diploma etc.) or letter/statement from your overseas Education Institution.
  • Australian qualifications - a certified copy of your academic transcripts, Educational Certificate (Degree, Diploma etc.) or letter/statement from your Australian Education Institution.

We will consider your circumstances, your immigration history, if you are a minor and the intentions of a parent, legal guardian or spouse, and any other relevant matter.

  1. Employment ​ history
  • Evidence of your employment history can include pay-slips or a contract if you are currently or recently employed. You can also attach your most recent curriculum vitae or résumé outlining both employment and study for the past five years.
  • If you have been studying you can include copies of your transcripts.
  • Relationship – spouse,
  1. Evidence of your relationship with your spouse: This includes a certified copy of your marriage certificate, Family Book, Household Booklet or other evidence of family composition.
  2. Change of name: If anyone in the application has changed his or her name, certified copies of documents verifying the name change. This includes a marriage or deed poll certificate or a certified copy of evidence of the name change.
  1. Migration agent: Provide a completed and signed Form 956 - Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance.
  1. Appointment or withdrawal of​​​ an authorized recipient - Form 956A: Provide a completed and signed Form 956A Appointment or withdrawal of an authorized recipient.
  1. Evidence of school enrolment for dependants: Evidence of enrolment of an accompanying dependent child 5 to 18 years of age at an Australian school. If any family unit members are 5 to 17 years of age (inclusive) and will live with the applicant in Australia, documentation confirming their enrolment in an Australian school.
  2. Research project: If you are undertaking research in Australia, attach a copy of your research (thesis/project) topic and your curriculum vitae or résumé.

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 Visa application Fees: Students wishing to study in Australia are required to pay AUD575 as a visa application fee. In addition to visa application fee students will have to pay BDT 2,770.00 for Biometric Enrolment.

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Photo Specifications:

  • The photo must be identical, good quality, color gloss print and not more than six months old.
  • The photographs must be clear with appropriate brightness and contrast to show natural skin tone
  • Background should be plain white or light Grey that contrasts with your face.
  • Eyes open, mouth closed
  • Hair off the face so that the edges of the face are visible
  • It must not be altered in any way.
  • Neutral expression (not smiling, laughing or frowning), which is the easiest way for border systems to match you to your image. 
  • The required dimensions of the photo are 35mm to 40mm wide and 45mm to 50mm high.  The size of the face from chin to crown can be up to a maximum of 36mm with a minimum of 32mm.
  • If you usually cover your head for religious reasons, or you wear facial jewellery, your photo can include these items.
  • Head coverings should be plain colored and must be worn in such a way as to show the face from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead, and with the edges of the face visible.
  • Jewellery must not obscure any part of the face, especially the area around the eyes, mouth and nose. There must be no reflection from rings or studs.
  • Glasses are not allowed in passport photos taken from 1 July 2018. In rare cases they may be permitted where glasses cannot be removed for medical reasons (e.g. severe light sensitivity or recent eye surgery). Vision impairment alone is not sufficient for medical exemption.
  • If glasses must be worn for medical reasons, the frames must not obscure the eyes and there must be no reflection from the lenses. A medical certificate is required. The medical certificate must:
  • be signed by a registered medical practitioner
  • state the reason why glasses cannot be removed
  • include the medical practitioner’s full name, registration number and the address and phone number of the medical practice.

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