Step-By-Step Guide

Any student who wish to gain higher education from Canada is advised to follow the following steps:

  1. Write a ‘Statement of Purpose’ on your proposed higher education on Canada. Explain the following matters in the SoP:
  • Why you have chosen Canada for your higher studies.
  • Which location in Canada would you like study and why you have chosen the location.
  • Which university or college would you like to attend for your higher studies in Canada and why you have chosen the institute.
  • Your interested field of study and why have chosen the field.
  • If you are not planning to sit for English test then explain why you are planning so and how are you going to overcome it.
  • How will you arrange the required fund and
  • What is your future plan and how is your higher study going to benefit you in future.
  1. Check out the document checklist; if there is any document you don’t have then get it from the competent authority.
  2. If you don’t have sufficient fund then look for scholarship or convince your parents or relatives but make sure you have good explanation for why they agree to sponsor you.
  3. Research on Canadian education system as much as possible and find the right university and course.
  4. Apply to the university following their rules
  5. As soon as you get the ‘Letter of Acceptance from the designated learning institute arrange all the required documents. (Please follow the up to date document checklist from here or there
  6. Download and read the Instruction Guide (IMM5269) properly. You can download the guide here - here
  7. Download and fill the Application form for Study permit accurately. You can download the application form here
  8. Download and fill the family information form accurately. You can download the form here
  9. If you are under 17 years of age and wish to attend any school in Canada then your parents have to download the Custodianship Declaration and fill it accurately. You can download the form here 
  10. You can download Photograph Specification from here - here
  11. If you use any representative then you must download Use of a Representative Form [IMM5476] and fill it accurately. You can download the form here
  12. Once you have collected required document as per the checklist and filled all the necessary forms, you may go to the Canadian Visa Application Centre with correct amount of fees. For latest information on fees please here

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